the Gypsy Warrior in you.

“The Gypsy Warrior girl has an edgy spirit and sparkling eyes filled with wanderlust and passion for life. Gypsy Warrior is the ideal collaboration between Rock ‘n Roll and Bohemian lifestyle.” —Gypsy Warrior  

Gypsy or Bohemian… What are you?

Founders, Nicla DiCosmo & Michel Bezoza are two different characters that offer diverse fashion style. Hence, creating the ultimate badass/hippie gal (Amazing combo). Who would have ever thought of combining a gypsy and a warrior? Overall, the fashion is truly inspirational and fashion-savvy.

Gypsy Warrior offers Vintage apparel, Accessories, and the latest fashions. The vintage sells out fast so hurry and visit their website– or follow them on Instagram Facebook & Pinterest 

Vintage looks

Vintage looks


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